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Gamethread: Rockies at White Sox (Purple Row 2020 MLB the Show sim)

The South Siders look to clinch the season series tonight

After sweeping the Rockies in last month’s miniseries in Denver, the White Sox look to clinch the season series with a win tonight in sister site Purple Row’s MLB the Show season sim.

The action begins — streaming live on YouTube — at 7:15 p.m. CT.

Editor Ben Kouchnerkavich is again on the play-by-play. He informs us that M&Ms man is not in his customary seat behind home plate, so we can throw an inauthenticity flag on this game tonight if it doesn’t fall in our favor.

Gio González gets the start tonight. The rest of the lineup:

Leury García-CF
Yoán Moncada-3B
Tim Anderson-SS
Eloy Jiménez-LF
Edwin Encarnacion-1B
José Abreu-DH
Nomar Mazara-RF
Yasmani Grandal-C
Danny Mendick-2B