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Cup o’ Joe, side o’ dough: Taking a punch

A roundup of all the financials, punches, sims and ballparks fit to print

Chicago Cubs v Chicago White Sox Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Do not believe MLB's claims about how much money it stands to lose
Craig Calcaterra, HardballTalk

The thing about it, though: the numbers are mostly bunk.

Yesterday at FanGraphs, Craig Edwards walked through the claims in both the AP article and from other sources and compared it to what is known about MLB finances. He found that, in multiple ways, the figures are misleading. They leave out large chunks of revenue MLB and its owners will realize. They include costs, such as spending on the amateur draft, that that have already been deferred to the future. The AP article neglects to mention that the money MLB claims it will lose due to broadcasters holding back broadcast rights money for games not played is, often, money being saved by the same businesses which own teams because a lot of teams have interests in their cable network. Sure, SNY might not be paying the Mets for some games, but every penny SNY saves is a money Fred Wilpon saves.

Calcaterra mostly repeats/illuminates Edwards’ talking points, but congeals it nicely. Things are a little fishy with this owners’ proposal.

5 predictions from White Sox players that might not end up sounding so crazy
Vinnie Duber, NBC Sports Chicago

It’s more than a little difficult to make predictions for the 2020 season when we’re still waiting to hear if there will be a 2020 season.

But with excitement building about the long-term future on the South Side for years now, there has been no shortage of bold predictions.

So why not revisit some of the wilder ones — and see if they'll end up sounding so crazy?

Narrator: In fact, they were all plenty crazy.

Punch AJ: The Fight 14 Years Later
Joe Binder, Sox On 35th

Back in ’06 when a catcher would set up like this, it was fair game for opposing runners and A.J. showed him what happens when you don’t get off the tracks when the train is coming through. On one side, you have Barrett who went flying as he awaited the ball to arrive in his glove. Then, you’ve got our guy A.J. fired up and slamming the plate emphatically after the collision, which is the Crosstown Classic energy I LOVED from Pierzynski.

Don’t get me wrong, I got no use for Joe Binder or Sox on 35th. But, credit due: For a guy just out of diapers when the kerfuffle fuffled, this is written with some good clarity and passion.

2020 OOTP sim: Giolito's gem
Brett Ballantini, South Side Hit Pen at Sports Illustrated

When the White Sox faced off against the Rockies last month in Denver, the Rockies were suffering a miserable 6-21 start to the season, the worst in baseball.

After sweeping Chicago in the miniseries, the Rockies have won their next 12 of 16 to nearly catch the White Sox (22-25) in the standings, at 20-25.

But Lucas Giolito derailed the Rockies Express on Tuesday, pitching seven stellar innings en route to a 2-1 win. It was Giolito's first victory of the year (four starts), giving up just one run on three hits and two walks, against 10 Ks, for a 75 game score.

What new, a Giolito masterpiece. Sim or not, it’s nice to see.

White Sox: Envisioning a New Stadium Concept
Patrick Flowers, The Chicago Dugout

It's been nearly three decades since the current stadium has opened, and local construction engineer and White Sox fan, Matt Bond is wondering what a new ballpark in the future might look like.

An interesting thought piece (thought turning into a full-on model, in fact) on a possible new home for the White Sox. Bond draws on the unfulfilled Armour Park concept in his renderings, so you know this ballpark would be pretty sweet.

Dream Bracket 2: MLB's all-time teams tournament begins this week
Jim Turvey, South Side Hit Pen at Sports Illustrated

While the theme of Dream Bracket 1 was the best player at each position in franchise history, the theme of Dream Bracket 2 is the rosters from the two best individual seasons in each franchise’s history (along with three Negro League teams and the 1994 Montreal Expos — with those four squads immediately becoming everyone’s teams to root for beyond their own club).

One of the newest adds at SSHP/SI is Turvey, who early on is the appointed “Dream Bracket” scholar. Here he previews the new tournament, which could see the White Sox find considerable success.

Ranking the best ballparks in baseball
South Side Hit Pen at Sports Illustrated

Last week, Sports Illustrated's national baseball writers listed out their favorite ballparks, which revealed some heavy favorites: Oracle Park in San Francisco, Camden Yards in Baltimore, Fenway Park, Wrigley Field ... zzzzzzz.

Will our lists be better? Well, there is no "right" or "wrong," here, but take a look.

Ballantini hosts, but several staffers weigh in, on the best ballparks in baseball. I’m a little busy here and did not weigh in, but I might have found room for Miller Park in my Top 5. Petco Park is probably on top, for me.

Morning Music
As acquired tastes go, Lou Reed still sometimes needs a chaser to get down. But I sort of randomly re-ran across this gem from 1989’s New York.

It’s pretty sad how spot-on Lou’s vision of 1990’s world is 30 years later. He doesn’t mince words, and boy could we use more Lous today.