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Cup o’ Joe, side o’ dough: The Ugly Truth

Well, the owners put out a proposal, and it’s ... not good

Stacks of 1890 Dollar Coins

The most White Sox-specific news of the day comes via James Fegan, who supplied a thorough list of cuts made in the system. A rush to get the news out mistakenly put Anthony Coronado on the cut list, which was later corrected by Fegan:

Are there any legit prospects in this bunch? Perhaps not. Twenty-five cuts, just because? If this is anticipating the loss of the Great Falls Voyagers in 2021, I get it, there’s an entire active roster of players (at least) to cut. But this is an odd collection. Josue Guerrero got some big bucks to sign three years ago. Vlad Nuñez Jr. acquitted himself all right in a short stint as an undrafted signee in 2019. Goldfarb, Quintero, Simmons ... just, strange.

Sources — Players balk at MLB’s proposal to cut salaries
Jeff Passan and Jesse Rogers, ESPN

Major League Baseball drew the ire of the players’ union Tuesday with an economic proposal that called for a significant cut in salaries that would affect all players and particularly the game’s highest paid, sources familiar with the proposal told ESPN.

The details are out and about, and they’re not good. Of course, this ownership proposal is a first foray into negotiations, but it is troubling that more objectionable material has been wedged in. The MLBPA has two-fisted objections — both the pay, and the health protections — right out of the gate.

And then, there’s this takeaway.

The key here, I’m just gonna guess, is highlighted in yellow.

Oakland Athletics won't pay minor leaguers for rest of season
Stephanie Apstein, Sports Illustrated

The A’s currently field eight minor league teams. At 25-man rosters, weekly payments running through September would amount to approximately $1.3 million. Forbes estimates the net worth of Oakland owner John J. Fisher, whose parents founded the Gap, at $2.1 billion. The A’s declined to comment.

And then there’s this weird development, the awful timing of the A’s pulling the rug out from under their most vulnerable players.

Morning Music
It’s not near a Matthew Sweet favorite — his previous LP Girlfriend is an utter masterpiece — but this song is simply too fitting for the events of the day.