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Cup o’ Joe, side o’ dough: the purge

Hundreds of minor leaguers were cut from rosters on Thursday

MLB: MAR 28 Spring Training - White Sox at Birmingham Barons Photo by Michael Wade/Icon SMI/Corbis/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

As it turns out, the White Sox were ahead of the trend, having dispensed with about a minor league squad’s worth of players (but pledging to pay everyone, even the released players, through June), as a bevy of aspirant big leaders were given pink slips on Thursday:

One team that took an approach ... different ... from the White Sox is Oakland, who now suffer as the team that has made even the Miami Marlins look generous:

A very spicy career review from Mets “grinder” Andrew Church, who has some outrage for his former org, both for his treatment while injured and the clown car that was/has been the Tim Tebow Experience:

I’ve got some good features in the hopper for a weekend brunch run of links, but for now, let’s just keep the flag lowered for the hundreds of players who lost their jobs today. If this truly was a temporary, coronavirus measure, fine — but it’s not. These are shots fired toward the contraction of the minor leagues. Without even officially confirming the teams who will not return to the organized minors in 2021 — in the White Sox world, that’s the Great Falls Voyagers — teams are just cutting entire rosters’ worth of players, knowing full well five draft choices next month and a handful of oddball $20k free agents are not forcing such a purge.

But let’s leave it a little light, right?

Jomboy takes on Joe West. WIN, prepare yourself — but even you can agree this isn’t the portly crooner’s best moment.

Morning Music
It’s Friday. Even in quarantine, we can party, sorta. Dance party in the living room!

This song, after all of these years, still makes me giggle. The Ricky Wilson guitar growling throughout is masterful ... gone too soon.

So, I present to you perhaps my favorite band of all time, The B-52’s: