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White Sox appear to be punting the rest of the draft

Rounds 3 and 4 go to ... “deep dives”

Study in extremes: After the bounty of Jared Kelley, the White Sox got all jittery with Coffey.


After winning the lottery by getting an arguable Top 10 draft talent in Jared Kelley with the 47th pick in the draft, the White Sox appear to be going ... another direction ... with the rest of the draft.

OK, so third-rounder Adisyn Coffey is a true wild card. You could ding the team for punting the pick, but a move like this just means they are going to load up on the offer to Kelley. I’d say this is a STRONG indication the White Sox are not going to let Kelley attend the University of Texas. And if you have to punt the 83rd pick in the draft to ensure that, so be it.

Coffey was not a prospect of significance, a Mt. Carmel native attending Wabash Valley CC and a Louisville transfer commit. He pitched a cup of coffee with Arizona State. He is a very athletic guy, starring at shortstop as well as pitching.

Fourth-rounder Kade Mechals is a similar long play. He was drafted last year by the Miami Marlins (Round 40). He’s 5´11´´and — stop me if you’re already sold — he had Tommy John surgery last month.

One thing Mechals has going for him is playing for supremely-named colleges. He’s been on the Western Oregon Wolves, Orleans Firebirds and Grand Canyon Antelopes.

If Round 5 veers us in a different direction, we’ll break out a separate article. Otherwise, stay tuned for more sass here in an hour or so.

Anyone want to write a thought piece about taking a draft already reduced from 40 to five rounds and trimming it all they way down to two, as our hometown heroes appear to be doing?