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Field of Dreams, revisited

Cardinals replace Yankees, but the corn game is still on

Hall of Fame Tour Unveiling

There have been a few cornpone takes this season from MLB, but this one is the corniest: Reports indicate that the “Field of Dreams” game that was due on August 13 is still on, with a twist.

It’s a little odd, given the White Sox and Cubs are still scheduled to play six, yes 10% of a 60-game schedule — against one another, that the northsiders weren’t chosen to be the White Sox opponent (or a opponents, in a two-game set). I guess the Ricketts cabal really does make 98% of its dirty money from ticket sales, and they can’t possibly afford to miss even a single home game this year in order to pay broken-winged Craig Kimbrel $33 million more.

Also, Yoán Moncada hopped on a call with beat reporters today, and while there’s still more to come on that from Brett at SSHP, here’s one fun, themed nugget: