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Gamethread: White Sox at White Sox

With one week to go before the real exhibition, we get some of that fun South Side-on-South Side action

Chicago White Sox Summer Workout Photo by Ron Vesely/Getty Images

So, here we are, back again, at least for now. For the first time in almost four months ...


This one is going up early because it’s both, hey, a GAMETHREAD, and maybe you need to scramble a bit to find a way to watch.

I’ll be viewing on the You Tube, how about you?

Nice pitching matchup, between two of the strongest pitchers of early Summer Camp.

Yermín at third base! Who had Mercedes as more of a Swiss army knife player than Leury or Mendick in the early going?

Also, breaking: Giolito is throwing not to James McCann, but Yasmani Grandal. Silly though it might have been, there were thoughts that McCann would continue to work with Giolito all season, gobbling up 30-35 games right there. Still could happen. But it’s interesting to see that bromance get shaken up a bit.

Enjoy the action!