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Gamethread: White Sox at Cubs

Things are getting realer by the day

Chicago Cubs v Chicago White Sox Photo by Nuccio DiNuzzo/Getty Images

All right a little bitta business here to begin.

Obviously, we’ll be rocking gamethreads all miniseason long, as always. But our recaps this season will take the form of a Six Pack. The exact format isn’t determined yet — it could be a general six points about the game, could be the stats-heavy Six Pack with WPA etc. Or maybe a mix of both.

It’s also looking likely that we’ll have a couple of old South Side Sox friends, Ashley Sanders and Joe Resis, manning some game coverage here, on loan back from Sports Illustrated.

It goes without saying there will be thorough game coverage at SI all season. South Side Hit Pen will have beat writers at every home game, beginning with James Fox on Monday. And for most games, we’ll have an additional writer providing copy as well. Plus video, etc. Janice Scurio, who repped SSS at Sox Fest this January, is writing on the game tonight over at SI.

All right, here’s tonight’s lineup. Still no Yoán, and it sounds like Ricky won’t commit to Moncada starting even on Monday. But it’s a safe bet, all goes as planned, he starts the final tuneup on Wednesday and is on the field for Opening Day.

See you after the game, for some sorta Six Pack!