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Gamethread: White Sox at Tigers

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Time to get back on track

Cleveland Indians v Chicago White Sox
Former Tiger: James McCann seeks revenge against his former club.
Photo by Nuccio DiNuzzo/Getty Images

Yesterday’s series finale started great, but ended disappointingly. Luckily, today is a new day, bringing a new series and a whole new ballgame. The Chicago White Sox have traveled to Detroit to face their beloved Tigers in a three-game set.

Dallas Keuchel (2-1, 2.55 ERA) will look to continue his outright brilliant start to the 2020 season. Through three games, he has pitched 17 23 innings (averaging just short of six innings per). He’s a contact pitcher, so he only has 11 strikeouts, but a 0.96 WHIP is terrific for the veteran southpaw.

Michael Fulmer, the former 2016 AL ROY and 2017 All-Star, has fallen off the tracks a bit — especially without a 2019 season under his belt due to his Tommy John injury. He looks to find his past form and put a charge into this season. He had a little bit of a rocky start this year, with 2 23 innings, giving up four runs. His 2.25 WHIP does not look too good, but in his second start of the season, he only looks to improve. Maybe, we’ll see our old friend Carson Fulmer in this game as well.

These Good Guys will look to put the White Sox back in the win column:

Luis Robert earns the day off, so Adam Engel slots into center field.

The Tigers, who have been all about power this year, will send out these hard-hitters to do more of the same:

Miguel Cabrera is still a pitcher’s worse nightmare in the DH spot.

As per contract, NBC Sports Chicago will broadcast the 6:10 p.m. CT game, and WGN is the trusty radio station for tonight’s ballgame. The White Sox have to win against the bad teams; time to accomplish that goal.