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Gamethread: White Sox at Tigers

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Let’s get a second win and put all this “unprofessional at-bats” stuff behind us for good

MLB: Chicago White Sox at Detroit Tigers Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Hey all!

Been enjoying some blasts from SSS past, Ashley Sanders and Joe Resis, this week? Well, our SoxMath Wonder Twins should be around for the rest of the regular season.

OK, it’s a brunch game on Wednesday for the White Sox, and it’s time to get over .500 for good. Unfortunately, it’s not the strongest lineup with which to to that, but hey, let’s roll the dice.

Who ever had the square reading “Ryan Goins” and “third base start” for a mid-August game, you’ve won quite the prize pot!

Seriously, the Tigers are bad. We lose this series (at least in runaway fashion) today, take it as a gut-check about our playoff aspirations.

Oh, and hey, I usually throw those spammy betting odds emails right in the trash, but I just got one yesterday from some crime syndicate called and they have the White Sox with the sixth-best odds of winning the World Series, tied with Tampa Bay and a tick ahead of the Cubbies.