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Gamethread: Cardinals at White Sox

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South Siders seek to sidestep shocking series sweep

St Louis Cardinals v Chicago White Sox - Game One Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images


I get not overreacting game-to-game. And that one hot week can put the rest of the AL Central in the rearview mirror.

But MLB decided to put out a 60-game season and invite such overreaction. Every little decision — starting Drew Anderson, sitting your hottest lefty reliever (Ross Detwiler) for a week, then burning him in garbage time of a twin bill opener rather than during the bullpen day nightcap start — invites scrutiny, more than ever.

Anyway, with injuries, Ricky doesn’t have many options with his lineup, so it’s pretty much the same as yesterday’s death march crew. Let’s hope Dallas Keuchel has some pregame words.

And for the Cardinals, who are hopefully not using up all of their Chicago wins this week on the South Side.