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Six Pack of Stats: White Sox 7, Tigers 2

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Moar back-to-backs, moar solo shots, moar exit velocity!

Detroit Tigers v Chicago White Sox Photo by Ron Vesely/Getty Images

With a win under their belts tonight and two rookies (albeit blue chips) the next two nights, this series could be shaping up as the one where the White Sox put .500 in the rearview mirror for good.

Tonight’s 7-2 thrashing of the Tigers featured SIX more home runs, five of them solo shots. The offense took the back-to-back-to-back-to-back of Sunday, and raised it two homers, including another TA-Yoán 1-2 punch of solo shots to start the game.

The Starts

Gio González had his best start of the 2020 season tonight, essentially matching Dallas Keuchel’s strong game Sunday with a 56 game score. While still the weakest of the five starters this season (counting Matt Foster’s truncated starts), Gio is now virtually tied with Dylan Cease in season game score (43.3 vs. 43.0). Unfortunately, his 10 Ks did not allow Gio to pass the five-inning mark and earn his first career White Sox victory.

Matthew Boyd is not going to want to face the White Sox again this season, as he’s had his head kicked in twice in row — and that just in giving up solo shots to the first two batters of the game, twice! Boyd finished with a 34 game score, which is actually a huge improvement over his last turn against the White Sox in Detroit. Of the starters the White Sox have seen more than once this season, Boyd has by far been the worst.

Pressure Play

With the bases full and one out, Detroit down 3-0, Austin Romine struck out looking and wilted under 2.95 LI tension, tops in the game. A batter later, Isaac Paredes would trim the lead to one.

Pressure Cooker

An interesting battle here, as Detroit’s Jeimer Candelario finished with 1.92 pLI in the game, which he spit the bit on, going 0-for-4 with two Ks. Codi Heuer finished a wisp behind, at 1.91, earning his first career win with a scoreless inning.

Top Play

Again, sort of crazy, but it was Paredes’ two-run single with the bases full in the fourth to trim the White Sox lead to 3-2 that was the highest value play of the game, at a mere .160 WPA.

Game MVP

Surprise, for all the offense, and a pair of guys with two homers, it was Detroit’s Jonathan Schoop who garner the MVP with a 3-for-4, .169 WPA night.

Magic Number: 300

Gio’s wild whiffs game, garnering 10 Ks in an out shy of five innings, became the 300th 10-K game in franchise history.