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Gamethread: Tigers at White Sox

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Sweeping a team in four games takes a really big broom ... hello, Lucas!

St Louis Cardinals v Chicago White Sox - Game One Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

All right, the White Sox are really on a roll, and it’s time to steamroll into the north side with a four-game sweep and five-game winning streak in our pockets.

Only Spencer Turnbull stands in our way.

And a bit of ... unexpected ... news before the game.

Now to be fair, the presumption that this one start put Dane in the rotation was a bit quick, but at the same time 10 days back at Schaumburg was maybe not exactly anticipated, either. But with two days off next week, and even Gio González’s next start in question (Saturday’s starter is still TBA), who knows what’s up with the Sox.

Flip side ... we got Delmonico back!

Here’s how Detroit lines up: