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Six Pack of Stats: White Sox 6, Royals 5

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Yasmani Grandal homers in the ninth to walk it off!

Some Mistakes Were Made: That’s alright; that’s okay: Yasmani Grandal launches a walkoff home run!

The Chicago White Sox and the Kansas City Royals were able to rival one another very well during the duration of the night. However, the White Sox walked it off for Jackie Robinson!


The Starts

Reynaldo López looked OK today, but his numbers would say otherwise. He was able to pitch out of a few jams while limiting most of the damage. In four innings, he gave up two runs off of six hits and two walks. He struck out four, but he did allow a home run. Not a bad pitching line, but ReyLo struggles once he goes through the lineup multiple times; he could be a great asset out of the pen.

Danny Duffy had a line a bit worse than López. He went 5 23 innings, where he gave up four runs (three earned) off of seven hits and one walk. He ended up striking out six, but he did give up two long balls. As predicted, he did not do as his lifetime stats at Guaranteed Rate Field illustrate, but he did pitch to his career stats against the White Sox.

Pressure Play

Alex Colomé was in for the four-out save. Already in the ninth, there was one out and a runner on first. Maikel Franco ripped a single to left-center field; as he extended the single to a double, he was almost thrown out. During that rundown, Yasmani Grandal was at the plate, but he was only watching third base and its runner, assuming time was out after José Abreu’s tag attempt at second base. Oblivious to Abreu’s oncoming throw to the plate (an incredibly accurate throw — from his behind, might I add), the ball rolled through Yaz’s legs, and the tying run scored. As a result, this was Colomé’s first blown save of the season.

This mess of a situation totaled 3.91 LI. In my frustration, I called that Yasmani needed to walk it off with a home run . . .

Pressure Cooker

With his first blown save of the season, Colomé faced the most pressure in this game: 3.30 pLI. After the pressure play, the runner stood on third base with only one out. Alex induced a pop out that Tim Anderson snagged, then struck out Aldalberto Mondesi. With the walk-off win, Colomé did earn a victory for his mighty effort.

Top Play

The pressure play is synonymous with tonight’s top play with a total .492 WPA attributed to this headache of a situation that postgame Ricky Renteria called “a unique, ugly play.”

Game MVP

Although I was upset with him for a bit in the top of the ninth, Grandal earns tonight’s game MVP honors! As a veteran making a silly mistake, he knew he had to at least get on base to represent the game-winning run. Well, he took it a step further and crushed a no-doubter to the right field Goose Island seats to walk off the game! It was beauty; it was grace; it was what I told Yasmani to do!

Magic Number: 20

Thirty-two games into the season and the White Sox have recorded win No. 20! With a 20-12 record, they are currently in a three-way tie with Minnesota and Cleveland for first place in the AL Central!

I love the sound of that!