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Gamethread: White Sox at Reds

Dallas Keuchel’s back is back!

MLB: SEP 06 White Sox at Royals Photo by Keith Gillett/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Before the game, the White Sox sent yesterday’s starter, rookie Jonathan Stiever, back to Schaumburg, likely for the duration of the season and playoffs.

In Stiever’s place comes today’s starter, Dallas Keuchel, off of the injured list. Per game score, Keuchel is currently third among the White Sox “big three” of starters:

Dane Dunning: 60.8
Lucas Giolito: 60.3
Dallas Keuchel: 60.2

And from there, it’s a long skip down, to Dylan Cease, at 47.8.

Anyway, good to have Dallas back. He’s scheduled to pitch next in the finale at Cleveland, which means to line him up as the No. 2 in the playoffs means both he and Lucas will be getting five days’ rest before the start of the playoffs, not the standard four.

Today’s lineup against red-hot Cincinnati:

Don’t forget: This game is on FOX, not NBC Sports.

And, it’s not a formidable lineup, but it is a pretty hot one facing Kid Keuchy. Unfortunately, with Trevor Bauer pitching, the Reds might not need that many runs.

Pitcher’s duel!