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Gamethread: White Sox at Cleveland

The South Siders still control their own destiny, as such

MLB: Chicago White Sox at Cleveland Indians David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

So as the sky falls, a reminder that Zach Plesac has been the best pitcher the White Sox have faced all season long, and by far. In two games, his average game score (82) is better than any other single game an opponent has thrown against the White Sox.

In other words, we got him right where we want him.

And we send this mutant lineup out to fight Plesac:

And hey, if you are oddly-selective SSS reader and missed the news, Aaron Bummer and Carlos Rodón are back; Bummer presumably immediately goes to the back end of the bullpen, Rodón perhaps sliding into the Gio González this-game-has-hit-the-fan-early role.

Here’s how Cleveland, who is the only team to really have the White Sox’s number this year, line up as they try to sweep and make the division race a three-team fight in the last weekend of the season:

Not going to get into the ethics of bat flipping, and stakes is high, but sub-.200 bat chucks are pretty sassy, Luplow.