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2021 Offseason Plan Project

Boy the 2022 White Sox Sure Suck: An SB Nation GM Simulation Review

Someone out there really hates the South Siders.

Luke Smailes’ White Sox Offseason Plan

Trades? Trades! The Sox make four pivotal trades as the contention window is busted open.

Adrian and Jerry’s Classic White Sox Offseason Plan

From The Chairman’s lips to next year’s roster: bringing it back to 2016!

The South Side Sox 2021 White Sox Offseason Plan Project

It will be an offseason of uncertainty, but let’s press ahead with your hopes and dreams of pushing the South Siders forward.

Year of the Hamster’s 2021 Offseason Plan

More lineup flexibility and a rotation six-deep, all for less than $160 million? Come, read this witchcraft.