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Today in White Sox History: January 15

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A tale of two Colons

Colon tosses ball


Another bold stab by GM Ken Williams came as he acquired starter Bartolo Colon as part of a three-way deal with the Montreal Expos and New York Yankees. Colon had a good season for the White Sox, with 15 wins, 242 innings pitched and 173 strikeouts. It was his walk year, so he parlayed that into a large deal with the Angels — with whom he’d win the Cy Young in 2005.

Williams brought Colon back in 2009 hoping for the same, but got little for his troubles. In fact, Colon got hurt, was overweight and when assigned to a minor league rehab stint never reported! It was rumored that Colon was distraught over the death of Michael Jackson, and when manager Ozzie Guillén heard such he emptied out Colon’s locker and dumped the possessions in the hallway outside of the White Sox clubhouse.

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