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North Side Sox Podcast 7: The Tim Anderson Episode, featuring Herb Lawrence!

Janice and Sam are joined by Herb Lawrence (670 the Score, Locked on Sox) for a lively conversation on the state of the White Sox

On this very special seventh episode of North Side Sox, Sam and Janice welcome the pod’s first-ever guest: Herb Lawrence!

Right about now, we would have been organizing our SoxFest schedules: Budgeting some time to wait in line for a Liam Hendriks photo op, then later hitting up the pop-up Sports Depot for some midwinter deals.

Though gatherings are not in our cards at the moment, there’s been some movement on the Hot Stove around the league. One burner may be lit, but why can’t all of them ignite, especially for the White Sox? With Spring Training just on the horizon, we discuss the remaining holes on the White Sox, with Herb’s expert input on what needs to be done next.

  • Because it’s our seventh episode, we borrow our guest’s show’s naming convention by taking some time to appreciate RBI2021 cover boy Tim Anderson and his contributions to the White Sox.
  • We examine some of the moves around MLB through a White Sox lens, and give props to the San Diego Padres for seeing what they want, and going for it!
  • The stove has to be on, because there’s smoke. Nelson Cruz, Marcell Ozuna, and Trevor Bauer fan the flames.
  • The internet unfortunately learned of Bauer’s 2011 attempt at making music. In contrast, and with access to quality production, last November Yoán Moncada released his first released his first single; what’s next for the third-baseman-turned-pop-star?

Listen on the Megaphone player above, or check out this and the entire family of SSS podcasts on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

Also, be sure to follow North Side Sox on Twitter at @NorthSideSoxPod, Janice at @scuriiosa, and Herb Lawrence at @ecnerwal23.