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BBWAA copies SSS, pitches Hall of Fame shutout

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And Curt Schilling pouts his way off of the ballot

Boston Red Sox vs Kansas City Royals - August 25, 2005 G. N. Lowrance/Getty Images

On Tuesday, the BBWAA released their Hall of Fame voting results for 2021, and to no one’s surprise ... no one was elected.

Baseball Hall of Fame

Only Curt Schilling cleared 70%, but he, Barry Bonds (61.8%) and Roger Clemens (61.6%) all face an uphill climb to election in 2022, their final year on the ballot.

In the category of You Can’t Fire Me Because I Quit, after the results were announced Schilling released a letter to the Hall in which he asked to be removed from his 10th year on the ballot. Presumably, the Hall won’t have the heart to let Curt know that his most recent gaffe — expressing support and encouragement for an insurrection into the U.S. Capitol on January 6 — has crushed his chances of popular election.

First-year candidates Mark Buehrle (11%), Torii Hunter (9.5%) and Tim Hudson (5.2%) all cleared the bar to remain on the Hall of Fame ballot; eight other first-timers (listed above) will drop off the ballot.

Nick Swisher received zero votes.