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Introducing The Big Blurt, a new South Side Sox Podcast!

Rob Colletti and Bill Meincke launch their new SSS show

Rob Colletti (School of Rock, The Book of Mormon) and Bill Meincke (NBC, TruTV) aren’t just a tag-team acting duo. They’re two old friends who love the Chicago White Sox, and have gotten together to talk about the team on a new South Side Sox podcast, The Big Blurt. The program will feature in-depth analysis, engaging segments, plenty of humor — and some special guests.

The premiere, commercial-free episode is chock full of Sox stuff:

  • Growing up White Sox, and South Side memories
  • Rob’s provocative jumbotron dancing
  • Thoughts on the White Sox offseason so far
  • What the Sox still have to do to fill in the gaps
  • An examination of the international signings
  • A quick rundown of the White Sox prospects in Baseball America’s Top 100
  • Chewie cameos

Listen below, on our built-in Megaphone player:

or follow along with every episode of The Big Blurt and the entire family of South Side Sox podcasts at Apple Podcasts or Spotify. You can also watch the podcast play out at the South Side Hit Pen YouTube channel.