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South Side Sox Podcast 16: Traipsing Thru Twitter, Crimes Against Concessions and the Lukewarm Stove

Brett Ballantini hosts Keelin Billue for a frank talk on nacho helmets, the need for a new closer and a crafty attempt at cracking the 108 Tourney

South Side Sox Podcast 16 takes on a decidedly different flavor profile, which is what happens when Brett Ballantini and Keelin Billue are combined into a gumbo that could melt a kiddie pool. The topics reflect the state of the Hot Stove, so strap in:

  • Say hello to Mr. Wendal!
  • Twitter polls and beefs
  • Does the NFL completing its season bode well for a full slate of baseball games in 2021?
  • Adam Engel is back (read Kee’s no-hitter piece at SI)... and will Liam Hendriks join him on the South Side?
  • Does the Cubs teardown make the White Sox look better, no matter how inactive the South Siders are this postseason?
  • Gratuitous Ricketts disses, and the Romper Rooming of Wrigleyville
  • Shouting out Keelin’s Killer B’s partner, Tommy Barbee
  • Insidious methods of cracking the 108 Tourney

or follow along with every episode at Apple Podcasts or Spotify, and watch the podcast play out at the South Side Hit Pen YouTube channel.