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South Side Sox Podcast 17: 2020 White Sox Report Card

Brett Ballantini hosts Rob Colletti for some frank talk about the 2020 squad, and how it can be strengthened for 2021

South Side Sox Podcast 17 is an extended look at how the 2020 White Sox performed, through the lens of Rob Colletti’s hitter report card from last month, and the pitcher report card that went up on Friday. Brett Ballantini quizzes Rob on some of the more interesting nuances of his grading, and the author offers up a couple of players who he thinks will improve their grades in 2021.

And there’s more:

  • Danny Mendick’s bright future
  • Trades that might fill out the 2021 rotation
  • Dane Dunning > Dylan Cease > Reynaldo López?

And yes, there are some thoughts on hopes for 2021 that extend beyond the success of the White Sox. We both hope that the invasion of the Capitol is something none of us ever sees again.

Listen below, on our built-in Megaphone player:

or follow along with every episode at Apple Podcasts or Spotify, and watch the podcast play out at the South Side Hit Pen YouTube channel.