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North Side Sox Podcast 6: The Hand that Feeds

There’s a lot of uncertainty in the world, and lately, baseball offers us no solace from that

It’s been a long winter break since you last heard from us, and the tepid stove is on!

To warm our hands, we run our gas bill up a little (with maybe some endangerment) and discuss some of the offseason moves made around baseball so far, specifically the blockbuster trades made by the Padres and Mets.

Do they affect the White Sox? (Spoiler, they don’t.)

However, the ripple effects of those trades are still being felt around the league in one way or another, with a global pandemic and political upheaval as a backdrop. We discuss today’s transaction, Kyle Schwarber’s 1 year, $10 million deal with the Washington Nationals to bolster their outfield. Hey, who’s the guy he’s replacing again?

We also examine That Closer Situation, where we once again make a case for Liam Hendriks (yes, again) referencing this piece from our colleague, James Fox. We’ve got a couple of other guys worthy of consideration, because y’know, just in case.

Join us for a lively discussion on closer mechanics, Drake’s Views album, and Tyler Glasnow for some reason.

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