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South Side Sox Podcast 66 — Blackout Anniversary, and the End Is Nigh

Darrin Brown, Zach Hayes and Jacki Krestel join Brett Ballantini to discuss the 13th anniversary of the Blackout Game, and take a look ahead to the playoffs vs. Houston.

King of Prep Brett Ballantini, who 1) forgot the podcast episode 2) ran off-camera/mic during the podcast 3) let the “tape” run out on his outro, hosted No. 66 on Thursday with delightful guests Darrin Brown, Zach Hayes and Jacki Krestel.

We touched on the Blackout Game anniversary, and looked ahead to the Houston playoff series. Here’s the highlights:

  • Two guests not only were at the Blackout Game in 2008, but presented their towels
  • Did Brett leave the room to retrieve his towel? Perhaps
  • Did Jacki have a treasure trove of other promotions from the souvenir box? Perhaps
  • Was Darrin alive for the Blackout Game? Perhaps
  • Will we ever learn why Zach was punished at the time of the Blackout Game (though he is blessed with great parents, who allowed him to watch the playoffs even under house arrest)?
  • Once again, we debate the wiser choice for No. 1 starter for the White Sox in the postseason. And once agin, we are deadlocked between Lance Lynn and Lucas Giolito
  • Who is player we anticipate seeing break out this postseason and potentially carry the White Sox to a first-round upset?

Listen below, on our built-in Megaphone player:

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