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Gamethread: Astros at White Sox (ALDS Game 3)

Six times during the regular season, the South Siders had a home game following two consecutive losses — and they won all six of those games. Time to rally in a sea of black!

Minnesota Twins v Chicago White Sox
Back in Black!
Jamie Squire/Getty Images

It’s finally time, White Sox fans! A postseason home game, to soothe our shattered souls after enduring a scornful sea of odious orange, in the worst state in the nation. Now comes our South Side salve.

We’ve weathered the storm of problematic, antiquated trash can announcers, which is only fitting while playing the fraudulent Houston Trashtros, and we’re ready for a blackout. We’ve come this far, and now it’s finally time for some fun at home.

With their backs against the wall, the White Sox are headed into a must-win tonight. I invite you to put the memory of the first two games where it belongs — in the sign-stealing trash can — so we can enjoy this game together. It’s time to wipe the slate clean. Take a deep breath and remember the excitement in your bones from a great season. We had such fun together this year, with ups and downs galore, but with a winning record every single month throughout the entire regular season.

Optimism lives despite the first two losses by the White Sox. Six times during the regular season, the White Sox had a home game following two consecutive losses — and they won all six of those games. It’s time for a win or three, and the White Sox are the team equipped to come back from a two-loss streak.

With the stakes high, we look to Dylan Cease, in his first postseason start. If you told me at the beginning of the season that we’d be starting Cease in Game 3 over Dallas Keuchel, I’d have more easily believed that Cease was up for the Cy Young instead of the reality of Keuchel pitching himself off of the postseason roster. With eight of Cease’s 13 wins this year at home, the mood is optimistic, despite the urgency behind it. If Cease isn’t in the zone, it’s a do-or-die necessity for Tony La Russa to call on our rested bullpen early, with all eyes on Michael Kopech to the rescue.

In another first postseason start, Luis Garcia takes the mound for the Astros. Garcia relies on his fastball, which isn’t overpowering. Hopefully the postseason pressure will cancel out his great command, and we’ll get to see more of Houston’s subpar bullpen.

I promised myself I’d enjoy this game, for better or for worse, so that’s what we’re going to do together. Here’s your lineup for the Good Guys:

The trash-kickers have had a great time in the post-season so far. Dusty Baker is just tweaking his potent lineup for Houston tonight:

Good news for those of you who were unable to watch Game 2 of the ALDS— it’s airing on FS1 at 7 p.m. CST, so you won’t need to upgrade your cable package to watch a major league baseball team cheat. It’s time to put on your black White Sox gear, grab a beer (or six), and revel in the sounds of one of two possible AC/DC songs to start your postseason home experience. Let’s go, White Sox!