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South Side Sox Postgame Podcast 7 — A Huge ALDS Game 3 Win, and a Clear Momentum Shift

Adrian Serrano and Di Billick join Brett Ballantini to discuss the long, magical evening on the South Side, celebrating the heroes and looking ahead to Game 4.

Trying to rush this up because hey, it’s early a.m. and boy oh boyo that was a long game. And a helluva game! Di Billick, Adrian Serrano and Brett Ballantini got together postgame in the wee hours, to discuss this super-fun win.

Highlights of what we discussed, before Adrian had to hop on the El to make it to the park in time for Game 4 (slight exaggeration, perhaps, but just slight):

  • For all the stats at hand, does Brett remember the exact final score? No, Brett does not remember the final score
  • We discuss all the heroes of the game, with quotable stats: Tim Anderson, Leury García, Yasmani Grandal, Michael Kopech, Ryan Tepera and Aaron Bummer.
  • The Great Grandal Controversy (or: A Great Defensive Team Decides to Throw a Ball Directly Into a Runner Then Cry Foul)
  • Oh, hey, how about another hero: Tony La Russa
  • What we’re looking for from Carlos Rodón in Game 4, and how the bullpen lines up behind him
  • Impressions of the Blackout Game, 2021 Edition — and the measure impact it had on players

Listen below, on our built-in Megaphone player:

or follow along with every episode at Apple Podcasts or Spotify, and watch the podcast play out on video at that online hit factory, South Side Hit Pen’s YouTube channel.