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South Side Sox Pregame Podcast 3 — Previewing ALDS Game 4, Plus More Momentum, More Cheating and Yes, More Fan Gatekeeping

Chrystal O’Keefe and Zach Hayes join Brett Ballantini to discuss ALDS Game 4, Houston’s reputation as cheaters coming home to roost, and the pitfalls and ugliness of telling others how to root.

With Monday’s rainout of Game 4, we found ourselves with some time to preview the rescheduled Tuesday tilt, so naturally Chrystal O’Keefe and Zach Hayes jumped on with Brett Ballantini to do just that.

A whole buncha stuff happened since our last podcast, oh, approximately three hours earlier, so we got right to it:

  • Momentum in the series and how the unexpected day off on Monday impacts it
  • Lance McCullers Jr. vs. Carlos Rodón in Game 4, potentially the pitchers’ duel this series has been waiting for
  • Ryan Tepera’s postgame remarks on Sunday night came off as a bit half-cocked, but really, can you trust a thing Houston says or does after the insidious cheating scandal that spanned the end of the last decade?
  • Zach’s impressions of the Blackout Game Sunday (so good, he’s headed back for Game 4), and whether or not he feels he earned a hold or save as one of 40,000 screaming, blacked-out White Sox lunatics
  • After chill dude who, hard to believe or not, claims to back both Chicago baseball teams John Cusack is accosted by an ignorant and mouthy fan who apparently applies that profound lack of knowledge to White Sox writing somewhere, we discuss the misbegotten notion of fan gatekeeping. During the playoffs, of all times
  • No guarantees, but yeah, we’ve got our three most successful game recappers on the case for Game 4
  • Perhaps Brett forgets Chrystal’s name again
  • Music from SSS writer Scott Reichard

Listen on the Megaphone player above, or check out this and the entire family of SSS podcasts on Apple Podcasts or Spotify. You can also watch the podcast at the South Side Hit Pen YouTube channel.