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Today in White Sox History: October 12

The Dropped Third Strike Heard ’Round the World

ALCS: Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim v Chicago White Sox - Game 2
The Dropped Third Strike Heard ’Round the World: happy anniversary, A.J.
Stephen Dunn/Getty Images


Another one of White Sox GM Ed Short’s best moves, as he sent two-time All-Star pitcher Juan Pizarro, nursing a bad arm, to the Pirates for minor league pitcher Wilbur Wood. Wood would blossom in Chicago thanks to his knuckleball — first as a record-setting relief pitcher, then as a four-time 20-game winner (1971-74). Wood would also make three All-Star teams. He pitched for the Sox through the 1978 season.


In one of the strangest endings to a postseason game in history, the White Sox beat the Angels, 2-1, in Game 2 of the ALCS.

With the game tied in the ninth inning, catcher A.J. Pierzynski ran to first on a third strike that bounced in the dirt. Angels catcher Josh Paul (a former Sox player) thought Pierzynski struck out without a “drop,” and thus never threw down to first base, as required by the rules.

After pinch-runner Pablo Ozuna stole second, Joe Crede’s double brought home the game-winner and tied the series at a game apiece.