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Tweetstorm (ALDS Game 4): Eliminated at Home Edition

It was long, and it was painful.

Division Series - Houston Astros v Chicago White Sox - Game Four
HOFPB fights for the season, down eight, in the eighth.
Quinn Harris/Getty Images

The rain delay pushed Game 4 back to Tuesday, which was not much nicer weather — but fans were ready to go.

Some were doing a Blackout at home:

Some were manifesting wins for their favorite teams:

And others were putting as much magic out there as possible during this spooky season to get a win for the good guys:

Bets have been placed:

Tattoos have been fulfilled:

Flights were booked:

Some people were way too realistic for my preference:

But Tony had a shockingly good perspective on the “Fuck Altuve” chants (and if we ever chant “Fire La Russa”):

And White Sox Twitter started in on the Astros early about Sunday’s game:

But we had some South Side Sox representation in the house:

Weird rivalries were aligned:

Faith in Carlos was unshakable:

The Mandalorian was there as well:

Thunderstruck came through on the broadcast, and the stands were awash in black. Sit back, relax, and strap it down.

Things took a turn:

Gavin Sheets kept trying to do it all himself, and bless him.

But César Hernández did his best impression of a statue, and the momentum was killed.

Once again, A.J. Pierzynski had amnesia on the broadcast and complained about Ryan Tepera insinuating the Astros were cheating (and may have turned into a milkshake duck to White Sox fans).

Ryan Tepera came into pitch, and shut down the Astros quickly

But the game was continuing to look bleak:

We were looking for enjoyment wherever we could:

People had advice:

And the broadcast wandered off to talk about the Bean, and art:

Things remained bleak.

We never did manage the see the postseason genius that TLR is supposed to be.

And things just kept rolling downhill.

Some tried to rally the crowd after stretch time:

But in the end, we said goodbye for now and enjoyed what we could for as long as we could.

Thanks for following along with my ridiculousness this season. Keep listening to our off-season podcasts, and I’ll see you all in 2022.