Was The Sox 2021 Season a Success or Failure?

Mostly failure.

Too quick a wash-out in the playoffs - again. What good is it to make the playoffs and flame out so quickly?

Failure of starting pitching to deliver in big games against good teams.

Still can’t produce runs outside of hitting the ball over the fence. And when you face good pitchers from good teams, they don’t let you hit the ball over the fence.

Defense? Maybe they can get the Bears defense to play the field for them.

Blown opportunities. This was a year for the Sox to grab hold of the attention of the Nation and to grow a bigger foothold in the Chicago baseball World. They did not do either. AGAIN.

Burned up a year of career time of the players. The heart and soul leader of the Sox Jose Abreu isn’t getting any younger. Nor is the current Sox second baseman that they gave up a promising young player for. Nor is anyone else.

The young studs did not deliver in the playoffs. Much talent there, but talent must show up when it’s needed. Need to work on their craft.

So, another year of watching the leaves fall from the trees and the cold North winds begin to blow and months of disappointment and wondering from Sox Nation when or if the promise of World Series of Bust will be delivered upon.

How this year ended so quickly might send Sox fans looking for a garbage can. And not for the reason that the Trashcanbangers needed it.

Stay well, Sox Nation. These are trying times for everyone for lots of reasons. And the White Sox didn’t make things easier for any of us.

(The "Na Na Hey Hey" song has been retired for the season. Time to cue up the old Sufari’s song "Wipe Out!").

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