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Estrogen Power Hour Podcast 5 — The Laundry Series That Should’ve Been

Chrystal O’Keefe and Keelin Billue host Red Sox writer Bayleigh Von Schneider to preview the Red Sox/Astros series, discuss being a woman in the baseball world and syntax when tweeting about domestic violence.

Well, the White Sox are out of the playoffs. Some of us wanted a White Sox/Red Sox series. Alas, that won’t happen this year.

We’re putting on a brave face and hoping Boston knocks Houston out, so Keelin and Chrystal invited Red Sox writer Bayleigh Von Schnieder on the podcast for a chat.

Who is Bayleigh? Meet a talented Red Sox writer, and learn about her Boston roots and why she loves baseball. You can find her on Twitter (@Fraulein89), on our sister site Over the Monster, and at Overtime Heroics.

Astros/Red Sox ACLS preview: How will Boston deal with Houston? Bayleigh shares her thoughts and where she’s at in terms of confidence with her team.

Fan gatekeeping: After the John Cusack incident at Sox Park, why are we still encouraging this behavior? And why is it worse for women? Women don’t owe you anything, especially pertaining to baseball in 1932.

Tweeting about domestic violence: In light of Jeff Passan’s “heartwarming” tweet about Atlanta overcoming so much, think before you tweet or praise players who have a history of domestic violence and abuse towards women.

How do we feel about spending, trades, and Tony La Russa: Bayleigh asks the tough questions — and we all reflect on the Chris Sale trade.

Listen below, on our built-in Megaphone player:

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