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Gamethread: Red Sox at Astros (ALCS Game 1)

Cheats vs. Cheats, a series built for rooting for the meteor. Stop in and chat about it with us!

Championship Series - Boston Red Sox v Houston Astros - Game One Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

Don’t know if it gets more disgusting than this:

Should they just start calling the American League Championship Series the Houston Astros invitational?

That’s the lede of MLB’s “FAQ” piece on site today, and between that lede and the tidbits about Alex Cora texting Astros and vice-versa, I want to fucking puke.

But hey, Playoff Baseball Tonite!

The whole “root for the meteor” cliché might be overdone, but it fits for this series.

Anyway, lineups:

Chris Sale sucked in the ALDS but gets the Game 1 start. Houston’s ace is dead for this series, (don’t let the saloon door swing and tan your hiney on the way out, Just For Men Beard Jr.) but remember, they are “resilient” and “relentless” and let’s see what other words we can use instead of “cheaters.”

The big switch for Houston was dragging Jake Odorizzi out of the morgue to take Lance McCullers Jr.’s spot among the arms.

Seriously rooting for the meteor.

Gametime 7 p.m. CT, although that’s probably 7:30 after the Celebration of Not-Even-Crafty Cheating montage that will kick off pregame. FOX TV. I don’t know what the local radio is, someone will let us know in the comments and I’ll try not to forget in future gamethreads.