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Gamethread: Dodgers at Braves (NLCS Game 2)

Los Angeles tries to pull even in yet another playoff series between unlikable teams.

NLCS: LA Dodgers vs. Atlanta Braves
Blake Treinen probably thinks the moon landing was staged.

Another premature gamethread setup, without ready lineups. Sorry, but life goes on once the White Sox are eliminated.

Today boasts a phenomenal pitching matchup, NLDS Game 5 closer Max Scherzer going up against Ian Anderson for Atlanta. Both have been stellar so far in the 2021 postseason. The two have combined for 22 strikeouts (16 from Scherzer) and just one earned run (also Maxy) so far.

Weird day of baseball yesterday, with both series proving ... imperfect. Joc Pederson and his “pearl necklace” was definitely an odd talking point, and Blake Treinen giving up the game-winning hit to Austin Riley (who also tied the game, 2-2, with a solo homer in the fourth inning) lended itself to some interesting social media commentary.

Speaking of, anything more to say here will involve the insipid “chop.” (The Pat O’Brien clip from 30 years ago that discussed protests — and Atlanta brass blowing those protests off — around the 1991 World Series was plenty pathetic.)

Maybe Atlanta will steamroll the Dodgers and not have to return to chop town for any more NLCS games.

It’s a TBS game again, also on ESPN radio (1000? not sure if it’s been bumped to an alternate because ESPN 1000 Chicago has other commitments, a little help, someone) starting at 6:38 p.m. CT.