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South Side Sox Podcast 68 — Airing of Soxivus Grievances

Tommy Barbee, Adrian Serrano, Zach Hayes, and Joe Resis join Brett Ballantini to review and explain our top White Sox beefs of 2021.

Podcast 68 has to be the best South Side Sox podcast ever, from theme music to Soxivus wailing. Wow, it packs a hilarious punch.

The companion article that Joe Resis, Brett Ballantini, Adrian Serrano and Zach Hayes address in the podcast was the brainchild of Tommy Barbee. All five writers submitted entries for their top beef of the season, but was also cover the other seven grievances as well.

Here are some highlights:

  • Adrian talks about moving the goalposts, and why it’s fair to criticize a 93-win season
  • Ringmaster Barbee addresses front office-manager kismet, and why it’s Groundhog Day once again heading into the offseason
  • Joe, upset at the lack of a solution in right field, notes that two 2021 free agent possibilities last winter are still playing the LCSs right now
  • Zach laments the business as usual modus operandi that fuels the front office
  • Brett truly didn’t copy Joe, but expresses his discomfort with the White Sox punting its chance to acquire an impact bat last winter
  • Hamster’s mockery of the managerial interview process seemed to get some kudos in terms of a sweet beef among the writers who did not show up and audibly wail over the 2021 Whit Sox
  • Also, charming, but Brett seems to be unsure whether it’s “Soxivus” or “Soximas,” perhaps because he’s not bright. Otherwise, blame it on Seinfeld
  • And it’s a preview of things to come, but we will be addressing Feats of Strength rather soon

Listen below, on our built-in Megaphone player:

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