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Gamethread: Atlanta at Dodgers (NLCS Game 3)/Astros at Red Sox (ALCS Game 4)

Enjoy what is potentially the last two-game day of the baseball season!

Boston Red Sox vs Houston Astros Matt Stone/MediaNews Group/Boston Herald

Two games today, and if the NLCS continues to go south for L.A., it’s the last two-game day of 2021. Cherish it, even with these four unlikable teams.

The Braves have a lineup early! Feeling a little froggy, between chops:

Helluva pitching matchup tonight, with Charlie Morton throwing for Atlanta, vs. Walker Buehler.

We have the official Atlanta lineup, but here is MLB’s guesstimate for both lineups, with 2021 regular-season batting numbers:

The game starts at 4:08 p.m. CT on TBS.

Hard to full-throat a Red Sox celebration in defeating Houston, when one team is just a smaller cheat than the other. But still, the Astros beat the White Sox, so hell with ’em.

Lifelong Carlos Quentin enemy and starter who hasn’t started in a month, Zack Greinke, gets the emergency call for Dusty Baker today:

No lineups yet, but the guess is there will be more Schwarber and Kiké mashing for Boston tonight. Maybe Zack will throw one of his super-slow curves in Fenway!

The game starts at 7:08 p.m. CT on FS1.