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Yasmani and Me

A White Sox basketball jersey tells its story.

Chicago White Sox v Oakland Athletics
Yasmani Grandal and White Sox Basketball Jersey exude power, and majesty.
Michael Zagaris/Oakland Athletics/Getty Images

The only thing better than being great, is being the best, and that’s what I am: the best.

Sweaters slink away as I stroll by. Pants want me, and dress shirts want to be me. I make a room full of designer labels look like an aisle at your local Goodwil.

It wasn’t always like this, though. I used to be a throwaway, passed to whatever undeserving slob happened to show up and claim me. Long days, and longer nights, in the back of overstuffed, stink-ridden closets, every fiber of my being surrounded by unfiltered mediocrity.

But then I met Yasmani.

He snatched me up from a pile headed to the garage sale. I was looking rough, but even then, you could tell that I was cut from a different cloth. The best only know how to be themselves, you know? No concessions. No matter what situation life puts us in, we shine through.

Yasmani wasn’t looking too hot in those days, himself. He had one leg wrapped up, like a robotic mummy from space. He said the wrap was helping him heal up, but I didn’t believe him. Even then, though, at his weakest, I could tell this guy was different. Everything from the way he spoke, to the way he walked, oozed greatness.

From that point on, we were inseparable. Yasmani always had this look in his eyes, like he could see into the future. The kind of look that makes you feel like he and you are the only two in the universe. For all I care, we were. The energy we had when we were together was crazy.

During an interview one morning, I remember thinking to myself, this is what it must feel like to be a hurricane, or a tidal wave: Absolutely filled to the brim with power and a sense of being unstoppable. The feeling that there isn’t anything in the world that get in your way if you decide to move forward.

We’re not at the ballpark too much these days, but you wouldn’t know it from the looks of things. That look in his eyes is stronger than ever, and I know he’s got plans to get us where we’re going. When you see us again next season, you guys aren’t going to know what hit you.

A lot of people can’t really wrap their minds around what Yaz and I have going on. I say, forget them. If they don’t get it now, then they will never understand.

Yaz and I are just built different.

Yasmani and I aren’t much for talking, we generally prefer to let our actions speak for us, but regardless of what you hear, or what you read, just know one thing is for certain: When Yasmani and White Sox Basketball Jersey are together, it’s always a bad day to be a baseball.

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