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South Side Sox on the Farm Podcast 20 — 2021 Birmingham Barons Review

Darren Black talks with Brett Ballantini about the only good team in the system — a club that still ended up bad, in the end.

Tiffany Wintz (Yolbert Sánchez, Carlos Pérez, Ti’quan Forbes), Kim Contreras (Jameson Fisher, Gunnar Troutwine) and Sean Williams (Jagger Rusconi) photos for South Side Sox; Kade McClure photo by Laura Wolff/Charlotte Knights

Hey, Darren Black and Brett Ballantini reassembled, put their Farm uniforms back on for continuity, and are hitting up the Birmingham Barons on their weeklong wrap of the White Sox system.

Have you read Darren’s season review piece? Well, it is live alongside this podcast, so, dig it.

Birmingham finished with a winning record — to wit, 15 more wins in 10 fewer games than the Charlotte Knights — and won its division. Yet still, they finished poorly, needing one win in six games in the last series of the season to make the playoffs — and failing that.

Here’s how we broke down the 62-56 Barons:

  • Was Jameson Fisher the team MVP? Well, yeah, by reader MVP votes. But that was a more a product of the best Barons not having a full season in Birmingham than Fisher’s individual excellence.
  • Woof, did Yolbert Sánchez turn it on once he got his “age promotion” to Double-A
  • Kade McClure sort of backed into Pitcher of the Year status in the system, but he made his bones for 2021 at Birmingham
  • Carlos Pérez seems like he might be a promising catcher? Who can actually catch? Why am I uptalking this into a question?

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