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South Side Sox Podcast 69 — Soxivus Feats of Strength

Zach Hayes and Joe Resis join Brett Ballantini to review ways Tony La Russa could have the manager’s job wrestled from him for 2022.

Podcast 69, nice.

The companion article that Joe Resis, Zach Hayes and Brett Ballantini address in the podcast was, again, the brainchild of Tommy Barbee. All three writers submitted entries for their top beef of the season, but we also cover the other six grievances as well.

Here are some highlights:

  • Zach spins a detailed yarn about his Feat of Strength, biblical in nature, with gore, bat racks, and a potentially peaceful overthrow of La Russa
  • Adrian Serrano could not participate in the podcast, but wants to make it clear he did not kill Southpaw
  • Seriously, could a clydesdale (Leigh Allan’s suggestion) manager better than at least the worst of White Sox managers? Affirmative
  • Would Robby the Recapper be a better manager than La Russa? At least one of us says yes
  • Joe is the only one of us to suggest a player-manager, and it’s a winner
  • Brett explains his choice of a reunion for and redemption of Ricky Renteria
  • Hamster selects the elefante in the room, Ozzie Guillén
  • Brett laughs himself to tears, left so verklempt the tape runs out on him at the end fo the podcast
  • There is more Soxivus to come, so tune in next week

Listen below, on our built-in Megaphone player:

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