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South Side Sox on the Farm Podcast 23 — 2021 Rookie Leagues Review

Darren Black talks with Brett Ballantini about the youngest stars — and a few disappointments — at Arizona and the Dominican.

All player photos by Sean Williams except Kohl Simas (Tiffany Wintz) and Norge Vera (MLB Pipeline).

For Farm podcast 23 we’re hitting the rookie leagues for some review, two teams with almost identical (bad) records. Arizona finished 25-34, 13th of 18 ACL teams, while the DSL White Sox were 26-33, tied for 33rd of 46 teams.

But, there were some stars and some breakout performances. This podcast is a companion piece to Sean Williams’ ACL review and Darren Black’s take on the DSL season, so, enjoy those along with the chatting.

  • Has the out-of-nowhere Wilfred Veras immediately become the top first baseman in the White Sox system?
  • More Misael González talk
  • The pitching was ... not good. And made worse by Thursday’s news that Tanner McDougal will be out for 2022 after Tommy John surgery
  • Colson Montgomery and Wes Kath met expectations
  • Norge Vera is aiming for Winston-Salem to start 2022, and might easily leapfrog to the top pitching prospect spot in the organization
  • Worth asking again: Why don’t the White Sox max out their farm clubs? More players, more wins, right?

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