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South Side Sox Podcast 67 — Season Review, Looking Ahead, and The Dallas Keuchel Song

Jacki Krestel, Adrian Serrano, Chrystal O’Keefe, Joe Resis and Di Billick join Brett Ballantini to reflect on 2021, size up the Houston series, and learn a new folk tune.

Podcast 67 is our best ever, and that’s not just because we all learned how to properly hydrate and sing a new campfire song.

This pirate broadcast began with Chrystal O’Keefe, Jacki Krestel and Joe Resis signing on with Brett Ballantini for some chat on the 93-69 White Sox, before we were interloped first by Adrian Serrano, then Di Billick. But Di did come with song.

Here are some highlights:

  • Impressions of a 93-69 campaign, and how much did the White Sox exceed expectations?
  • Will a lack of “chaos” in the playoff grid — no ties/tiebreakers to be played — affect Chicago’s path to a title?
  • Sing “The Dallas Keuchel Song,” with Di Billick
  • Despite losing the last game of the Sunday, the White Sox finished hot and seemed to jell best at the very end of the season. Can momentum play a factor, through three off-days?
  • True story: Houston’s pocket schedule this season replaced its team name with “Garbage Can-Kicking Little Baby Bitches”
  • Why guitars are the hottest new wall decor among the SSS set
  • And yes, it’s true, more coverage than you can shake a trash can at is on its way for the playoffs

Listen below, on our built-in Megaphone player:

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