White Sox vs. Astros... Good vs....

White Sox vs. Astros... Good vs.... The Can Bangers. (No, we’ll never forget. Ever.)

Chicago... a real City with real people doing real things.

Houston... a collection of freeways looking for some place to go with people going in circles burning petroleum products and creating smog for no good purpose.

White Sox... symbolized by bright and clean foot coverings.

Houston... a team of the magical garbage can used to conjure wins and re-used to collect all the dirty socks that are no longer bright and clean.

White Sox... an American League legacy team with a long and colorful history.

Houston... a team originally named for gun(!) and then renamed some might say for the Space Center but really named for the Jetson’s dog. Guess ‘Astros’ sounds a bit better than the Houston ‘Dogs of Fictional Cartoon Characters’?

Chicago... City of trains. Lots of trains. Real trains going off in all directions carrying people and goods to all parts of America.

Astros... home park for a fake train with no people that goes from nowhere to nowhere. Much like all those Houston freeways.

White Sox... rising up from all those years being hidden by the North Side Narratives.

Houston... still lost in the long shadow of the Big D and America’s Team with all that glam and success. While the Oilers snuck out of town years ago and got replaced by a new team still looking for a reason... and wins.

Chicago... home for the Greatest-Of-All-Time-Roundballer who bagged six titles in eight years. The two years the Chicagoans didn’t get were won by...

Houston... only because the Bulls Band of Rockstars wasn’t fully together for those two missing years and Houston slipped through the back door. Otherwise, Eight For Eight for Chicago and Nada For H-Town. (Wonder what ‘H’ might stand for if it’s not ‘Houston’?)

White Sox... home of the great Nellie Fox in his greatest years.

Houston... home of Nellie Fox in his not-so-great-years.

Chicago... City of Big Shoulders. My Kind of Town. The Lake. The Loop. The world-class Skyline... the food...

Houston... Your Kind of Town if you like oppressive heat and humidity and the rancid smell of oil refineries that run 24/7. And corner taco stands along freeway underpasses that go around in circles. And bad football teams.

Chicago... City that Frank Sinatra sang about.

Houston... the City that Frank Sinatra never sang about.

White Sox... a team of brothers that win the Right Way.

Houston... a team of bothersomes that win... well, you know.

Just kidding, Houston and Astros. You have enough problems as it is. Let’s have a great series and watch the Sox extinguish the Astros just like they did in 2005.

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