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A Tale of Two Tweets (OK, several more than two): ALDS Game 2

The Astros didn’t beat us. We beat us.

Division Series - Chicago White Sox v Houston Astros - Game Two
The internet at the bar this was written cut off mid-game. Unfortunately, it came back on.
Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

Welcome back, folks. Yesterday’s loss was disappointing, sure, but do you know what day today is?

I’m here writing live from the Champaign Field Office (aka Aspen Tap House, where Manager Matt made sure every White Sox game would be televised), and a decent crowd of White Sox fans have assembled, many “working from home.”

The boys are looking sharp, dressed in their road grays to make a statement.

The announcers noticed it too, but maybe tried a little too hard to be cool about it.

Luis jump-started the offense with a single from the 2-hole (where he should probably always be hitting from).

This was quickly followed by a single from Abreu (who apparently is one of only two stars on our team?).

Grandal then loaded the bases with a questionable HBP, but hey, we’ll take it.

The Sox struck first with an RBI single from Eloy. It was magnificent. Unfortunately, Wheels Grandal couldn’t make it to second base on time, but he gave a great effort.

We probably should have scored more there, but things were looking up. Fans were getting confident, perhaps, too confident.

Gio started off strong, striking out the side.

Framber Valdez returned the favor, though, striking out our side (but our side was Andrew Vaughn, Leury, and Engel).

And then ... the unthinkable happened. If you didn’t already hate the Astros, you can hate them now for their mud pit of a field attacking Yoán Moncada, who slid into the wall from several feet away chasing a foul ball. He got up though, because he is our king.

Then things continued to fall apart, with Gio issuing two walks that resulted in a Kyle Tucker RBI to make it a 1-1 game.

A sac fly then took it to 2-1.

Honestly, great question jac.

This happened, though.

Sadly, that was true.

The next inning started with two hits, but, fortunately, Janice took over managerial duties and we got out of it.

We didn’t score runs, though. No one was feeling good. The crowd at the Champaign Field Office was all dejected, staring at their phones in pain.

Opinions ran the spectrum.

None of it really matters though without some offense.

Special shout out to my mans, Leury García, for his leadoff hit. I love you. It’s not creepy.

Tie ball game! Also, I miss you Jason. I need you, Jason.

And that’s a wrap for Valdez.

It’s bullpen time, baby.

And the Sox have one again taken the lead!

Let José run space, dammit.

Oh yeah, why do we like Yaz (hint, it’s not for walking this time)?

A 4-2 lead, folks.

Let’s see how this goes.

It didn’t get better.

Anyway ... go BrewCrew!!

In the top of the sixth, Elroy Jíminez made a great play for the White Sox. I’m not sure when we acquired Elroy, but I’m glad we did.

Tepera pitched well and made a great defensive play, with an assist by the Legend. Honestly, Tepera’s only flaw is that he ever played for the Cubs.

César pinch hit for Engel, and it did not go well. Anderson struck out as well, but Luis didn’t. Obviously.

The tie was almost broken up on a Grandal hit to right, but good fielding prevailed.

Bob Costas made a Bummer joke. This is how we felt about it:

The defense struggled, giving up a run after three ground balls past the nonexistent shift.

I’m blessedx4 by your logic, Sam.

Despair. Despair everywhere.

Am I dead?

On a positive note:

If Liam pitches well enough, does it count for negative runs?
Narrator: It doesn’t count for negative runs.

Well, that’s all till Sunday, folks. I wish I had more to say, but the game speaks for itself. Bad managing and bad defense prevailed. Catch the Chicago Sky in the WNBA Finals on Sunday at 2 p.m.