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South Side Sox on the Farm Podcast 24 — 2021 South Side Sox Minor League All-Stars

Darren Black talks with Brett Ballantini about the best of the White Sox system in 2021, from top vote-getters to other worthies.

Tiffany Wintz (Rodríguez, Mieses, Sánchez, Ramos, Fisher), Sean Williams (Burger, Sheets, González), Pierre Lacasse (Mendoza).

For our “bonus” SSS on the Farm podcast (24), Darren Black and Brett Ballantini discuss the best of the White Sox system, through the lens of this season’s South Side Sox MVP votes.

Let’s jump right in!

  • José Rodríguez is the unqualified winner of our Player of the Year honors, and there’s honestly not a lot more that can be said about his 2021
  • In a full season, Kade McClure just edged out Norge Vera’s 19 innings in 2021, so you can imagine which pitcher found himself the subject of more discussion
  • Only three pitchers made our raw cut for the All-Stars, which is nuts beyond the terrible year White Sox pitching prospects had. How quick does Darren choose position players pitching to round out an All-Star rotation?
  • Darren will be back for more Farm podcasting, once he’s out of brief hibernation after the AFL and before this whole minor league mess starts up again

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