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Killer B’s 12 — The Theme is Déjà Vu

Tommy Barbee and Keelin Billue discuss Soxivus, revisit THAT 3-0 swing, discuss White Sox transactions, and share a familiar sounding wish list for the 2022 roster.

Tommy Barbee and Keelin Billue are back after a five-month hiatus, as the embers of the 2021 Chicago White Sox season and South Side Soxivus cool down. Typically, there are talks of a stove that is supposed to be hot, but this year, the pilot light does not seem to work yet. So, in this episode of the Killer B’s, Tommy and Keelin spend time discussing the past, present, and hopes for the future.

Join the Killer B’s to navigate:

  • One of the Worst White Sox Games of 2021: As a Soxivus tie-in, we begrudgingly relive the Yermín-Tony game. The 3-0 bomb game. You know. THAT ONE.
  • Hot Stove Moves: An impending lockout has us eating cold eggs. Yet, there have been a few big transactions made, including Carlos Rodón not receiving a QO. Tommy and Keelin work to decipher Hahn-speak especially in regard to the increasingly lean pitching rotation.
  • A Wish List: Surprise! The problems of last season continued to plague the White Sox until the end: second base and starting pitchers. The Killer B’s indulge in a little fantasy.
  • Lockout Plans?: In an effort to not go five months without recording, plan on joining the Killer B’s for a radionovela, or continued White Sox coverage. There will be no between.

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