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South Side Sox Podcast 72 — Rick Hahn’s Place at the (Kids) Table

Zach Hayes, Chrystal O’Keefe, Leigh Allan and Adrian Serrano join Brett Ballantini for quick look at an inauspicious debut to the offseason.

Well, a weird first “official” week of the offseason yielded some trippy topics, and Adrian Serrano, Zach Hayes, Leigh Allan and Chrystal O’Keefe showed up to chat with Brett Ballantini about some of the most notable:

  • In the words of Zach channeling DJ Khaled, to the White Sox: “Congratulations, you played yourself.” While of course Scott Boras now says Carlos Rodón would have rejected the QO if made, is it less realistic to think that in a world where Andrew Heaney gets almost $10 million that Rodón doesn’t, as GM Rick Hahn is apparently gambling?
  • And as for the “White Sox have a secret injury dossier” fans, well, beyond the 100 mph Rodón threw while on life support in the ALDS, Brett points out that Bob Nightengale would have sent out four tweets from a dying Rodón’s bedside validating Los’ injury if so, given the egg on the South Siders’ faces for this one
  • As Zach also points out, Craig Kimbrel is probably worth $16 million — Jerry Reinsdorf just doesn’t want to have to pay him $16 million and still spend to correct roster weaknesses. Seeya, CK.
  • On to Zack Collins. Anything else to say here? He is what he is, and that ain’t a major league catcher
  • Adrian is not buying the whole “rotation is full,” line parroted by so much media (and perhaps Hahn himself), which Michael Kopech champion Chrystal O’Keefe still wonders how he alone will make up a need for like 400 innings in the current rotation
  • Leigh breaks the news that few outside FA experts see the White Sox as a major player — like, any major players, this winter
  • It’s not all deep sighs and wry cackles, though, as Brett previews coming attractions such as Deep Dive, SSS poetry, an exclusive interview with Hahn, and a batch of Meet the Players podcasts

Listen below, on our built-in Megaphone player:

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