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South Side Soxivus Pole: Juggling Vices!

With the Hall vote looming, juggle this sweet gear into your holiday basket.

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As part of our ever-evolving South Side Soxivus celebration (Airing of Grievances, Feats of Strength, Best Games, Worst Games ... and more to come!), we are unveiling a re-launched Tee Public store that helps support our site as a whole, as well as each designer.

How does that fit into Soxivus? Why, it’s the Soxivus Pole, of course!

Adrian Serrano has modified our original Juggling Vices image to adapt to SSS and fit into our Soxivus celebration.

In addition to the classic T-shirt, many other items are available. That coffee mug is one bold-ass red gem.

Thanks as always for your support, SSS readers, and a Happy South Side Soxivus to all!

Our first featured design comes from writer/artist/musician/man-about-town Adrian Serrano, who created a simple, classic design that puts you on the map, with both Soxivus and South Side Sox:

A small percentage of each purchase supports our large and diverse writing staff.

Adrian’s Soxivus design is just one of several he’s already created, to be unveiled in store and on site very soon.