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Does anyone else remember 2019’s Preppy Freeman? Well, listen, we just don’t have a lot of shots of the guy.
Sean Williams/South Side Sox

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White Sox Minor League Update: November 17, 2021

Caleb Freeman was the lone South Sider to appear in the 3-2 Glendale win, as he lowered his ERA to 0.90.

Not a lot happened on the White Sox end for the Desert Dogs today, but maybe that was for the better.

Caleb Freeman has clearly been the best player the club sent to Arizona, and he continued to prove why in Glendale’s 3-2 win. Freeman threw a perfect seventh inning, to lower his ERA to 0.90. So everything is going pretty well for him.

If you think this AFL performance is a non-factor for the 2022 White Sox, think again. Freeman’s performance in the focused atmosphere of Arizona this fall puts him in position to not only start 2022 in Charlotte as an early potential call-up to the South Side, but gives him an outside shot to break camp in the big-league pen. Freeman’s emergence potentially crosses one need off of the long White Sox offseason shopping list.

With the win on Wednesday, the Desert Dogs are back to being tied for first place in the division.

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