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South Side Sox Podcast 70 — A Soxivus Celebration of the Best of 2021

Zach Hayes, Joe Resis, Tommy Barbee, Chrystal O’Keefe, Keelin Billue, Trooper Galactus and Adrian Serrano join Brett Ballantini for a summary of top White Sox games this season.

We’ve come to the Soxivus week that celebrates the best games of 2021, and we’ve got seven SSS scribes a swimming through the season to provide insights on their favorites:

  • (yes, there were several costumed writers on the podcast, on the day after Halloween. Don’t ask why, it was a spontaneous staff decision)
  • Keelin Billue spent too long in podcast exile, inadvertent though it may have been. Not only did she macho up with a sexy mustachioed cowboy getup for the podcast, she recounted her favorite game of the year, witnessing Carlos Rodón’s no-hitter in April, with fellow SSSer Dick Reillo.
  • Zach Hayes took on two games in our writeup, but spoke on Rodon’s mastery of Houston in July — perhaps his (and Chicago’s) best game of the season. Hayes was rocking a White Mamba look and yes, there were gams
  • Did Chrystal O’Keefe finally admit to feeling wonder over Field of Dreams? Well, let’s just say she recounted the many highlights of the game in the corn, in August.
  • Adrian Serrano was so wild for the 16´´softball game that was a Sox 17-13 win in crosstown play in August that he wrote an entire feature looking back at it
  • Joe Resis talked about a birthday win, which just happened to be a Blackout win — which just happened to be the only playoff win of the season
  • Trooper Galactus was podcasting from a lead-lined room, so we could not make out the details of his chosen game; the Dylan Cease slugfest over Cincinnati, in May, perhaps?
  • Father Soxivus, Tommy Barbee, simply reminded us of the inherent White Sox fandom of all our choices, and writeups
  • Brett Ballantini veered to metrics, choosing the 1.76 championship leverage index win on May 31, an extra-innings win at Cleveland secured by a home from from ... Adam Eaton. Is he joking?
  • Stay tuned for our Soxivus Pole celebration on Friday!
  • Stay tuned for a The Shining twins appearance by Chrystal and Joe in the Indianapolis Field Office next podcast!
  • There is more Soxivus to come, including the worst games of 2021, so check back next week

Listen below, on our built-in Megaphone player:

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