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88th Annual Thanksgiving Day Parade

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Happy Thanksgiving, South Side Sox!

(your gift: the return of Luis Basabe)

Bilgin S. Sasmaz/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

This year, with things more or less settled back at South Side Sox with our staff after stops at Sox on 35th, South Side Hit Pen, and Sports Illustrated, Brett took time out to offer his thanks to his entire staff, some dormant writers, and even special helpers at the White Sox.

It’s an extremely sweet read, and whether you are on Twitter or not, I’d click this one and read through all the tweets. I’ve really not seen anything like it before. This guy shouldn’t just be running SSS, he should be running SBN.

Anyhow, he said his Thanksgiving prayer about six weeks ago. Take a look, and not just because I’m the first person on his thank-you list:

But the even more important appreciation falls to me: Thanking every one of you, whether you’re just reading today to escape a family “discussion” about Kyle Rittenhouse, or someone who refreshes and comments several times a day, even in the offseason.

One of the (only?) charming things Brett does on the podcasts is the sign-off, which invariably thanks all of you who support us. And it’s true, as he says it: Without you reading, listening, and even sometimes watching, there is no us. We are here not just for you, we’re here because of you. All of you.

Through all of our time here — Brett and I are getting close to finishing up a fourth year doing this together, supporting by our growing, fun, talented staff — there are several names who have stood out as really carrying the mail for the site with comments and engagement, creating a true community here. So in no particular order, special thanks today to:

Right Size Wrong Shape
Trooper Galactus
Nello Rubio
Lurker Laura
Don Gutteridge

And all the many others who are stalwarts on this site. (If I’ve missed singling you out, feel free to give me some noise about it.)

Oh, and here’s an even happier Thanksgiving: Right field for 2021 is solved.

Luis Basabe is back!

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